Warner Bros. is set to give fans unprecedented access to all their favorite cartoon characters, all in one location. Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO, and Alan Horn, President & COO, of Warner Bros announced the Spring 2008 launch of a new web platform, T-Works.

T-Works promises to bring together licensed characters from Warner Bros. Animation, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and DC Comics in a fully immersive, customizable online world. Not only will classic animated clips and web games be available, but fans will be able to customize characters and explore virtual worlds.

The program will provide tools for self-expression and personalization, allowing fans to “brand” their digital lives anywhere on the web with custom avatars for use on site such as MySpace and Facebook.

It will also be a platform for original content, and Studio 2.0 will develop two projects for the platform. Untitled Batman and The Wizard of Oz projects are currently under development.

“While the focus of T-Works is our amazing collection of animated superstars, this online destination represents much more than that,” said Horn. “T-Works presents us with a great environment and thus a great platform to highlight many of our current projects, from feature films to made-for-videos, consumer products, comic books and more.”

What is that “more” he mentions? Read on:

  • Immersive virtual worlds where users interact with each other and assume a cartoon identity based on existing characters – they can play, chat and create a personal cartoon home complete with furniture, art, pets and more from Warner Bros. Entertainment’s animation asset library.
  • Video channel featuring hundreds of hours of classic Warner Bros. Animation product as well as contemporary programs including Looney Tunes, The Flintstones and Batman Beyond and original made-for-broadband animated short-form series.
  • A personalization channel to serve all aspects of fans’ digital lives from customizing social networking profiles, portable widgets, desktop applications and more.
  • A game channel with over 125 games featuring never-before-seen character match-ups.
  • Video Mash-Up Maker where users can create and share their own cartoon remixes.
  • Site-wide reward system that gives points for all activity that the user does both within the virtual worlds and throughout the site – points can be redeemed for online assets as well as offline rewards.
  • Destination for younger users and their parents to spend time together with age-appropriate activities based on family-friendly favorites such as Baby Looney Tunes, Krypto the Super Dog and many more.

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