Warner Bros. Poised to Announce New DC Superhero Films


Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara has said that the company plans to announce a new series of superhero films based off of DC Universe characters.

You could make an argument that Warner Brothers doesn’t have the best grasp on the DC Universe. Granted, it’s done a fair job with Batman in recent years and Man of Steel saw its fair share of box office (if not critical) success. That said, Warner Bros. efforts also include flops like Green Lantern and the TV-series like Arrow which, while not necessarily bad, hasn’t exactly roused a gigantic, passionate fan base. That said, Warner Bros. may now be planning moves to bring even more DC characters to life.

Some of these are things we already know about. The new Flash and Gotham series, for instance, will be breathing new life and providing new perspectives on some of DC’s most beloved characters. According to CEO Kevin Tsujihara however, the studio’s plans also include a new line of movies expanding on the current existing film franchises. While Tsujihara didn’t reveal any specific details, the original report stated that new DC-centric announcements should be coming out of Warner Bros soon.

What will be interesting, of course, is just what these announcements contain. While it could be satisfying just to hear more about the company’s plans for Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman films, Warner Bros. has really only scratched the surface of potential properties based on characters from the DC Universe. Moreover, with Disney and Marvel’s own superhero films progressing along at a steady pace, it would only make sense for Warner Bros to amp up its comic-based offerings to compete. In the least, we imagine we’ll be hearing something about a Justice League film to counter the wild success of The Avengers.

Source: The New York Times

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