Warner Bros Releases Second Life Game


Warner Brothers has released a FPS/RPG as a tie-in to the upcoming movie I Am Legend, and it’s playable in Second Life.

The game, titled I Am Legend: Survival, features customizable avatars that are loosely based on characters in the film and environments that will change and expand over time. Initially, the following New York Cities locations will be available: Central Park, Chinatown and Coney Island. Columbus Circle will be opened in November. I Am Legend: Survival also supports voice and text chat.

The game and movie focus on a world where the vast majority of the world’s population has been killed by an incurable, man-made virus. Some of the infected did not die, but lurk in the shadows, watching and waiting. I Am Legend: Survival allows players to be one of the infected or uninfected and play as either a human or a dog.

If you sign up for the game on the official web site, you will be taken to the game’s orientation island the first time you log into Second Life. If you’ve already got a Second Life account, you can warp automatically to the island via this link.

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