WB Warner Bros okay with Ezra Miller as The Flash despite two arrests arrested twice three times now grooming options release movie

Ezra Miller appears to be spiraling out of control while in Hawaii with a series of arrests and incidents. The actor was arrested on March 27 after a fight at a bar and then again on April 19 for throwing a chair and injuring a woman. It’s raised a lot of questions about whether or not Warner Bros. is at all concerned with them, (The actor uses “they” / “them” pronouns.) but WB appears to not really care, at least as far as Ezra Miller and The Flash are concerned.

Miller is a major actor with Warner Bros., having taken part in the Fantastic Beasts films and playing the Flash in The Flash. That latter film is especially important as it is basically going to relaunch the DC Extended Universe into the future, with a multiverse storyline that will help clear the slate. Having the new touchpoint for your entire interconnected universe act out and hurt people isn’t the best, right?

However, Deadline is reporting that WB isn’t concerned about them, believing that everything will wash away by the time The Flash comes out on June 23, 2023. Miller’s role in Fantastic Beasts is now over as well, so he doesn’t have any more impact on that franchise in their minds. WB has pretty much hitched its horse to Ezra Miller as the Flash, so even if it is worried about them, the studio can’t do much at this point.

While WB has offered no official statement, it sounds like it’s just going to march forward with Miller and hope these issues calm down. Obviously, Miller has something going on, and hopefully they will get support for whatever that is.


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