Huge plans, he says. But what are they?

Sure, there are superhero TV shows out there, but as far as DC’s concerned you’d be forgiven for thinking that Superman and Batman are the only two properties it has. However Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, speaking at an entertainment law conference, has dropped some hints that suggest things may change. The studio has huge plans for “a number of other DC properties,” he says, particularly on TV, but one stands out: Wonder Woman.

“We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV,” says Tsujihara. If this happens, it’ll be the first time since Lynda Carter’s 1970s series that the Amazon has her own show; she’s never had a live action movie, though there is a 2009 animated film. There was talk, in 2012, of something called Amazon – Amy Manson of Torchwood fame was supposed to be in the running for the lead – but script problems put that project on pause. Joss Whedon’s name has been connected with a Wonder Woman movie, but that fell flat.

Maybe Tsujihara’s just blowing smoke – he only came on board as CEO back in March, after the TV show and movie had stalled – but if the CEO says something ought to happen, it’s a pretty good indication that something is going on behind the scenes. Did that TV script suddenly become less problematic, or has something happened to make a movie more palatable? Hopefully we’ll find out before too long.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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