With a month to wait, PC players will have to be like the Dark Knight himself to avoid Arkham City spoilers.

Warner Bros., owners of Batman: Arkham City developer Rocksteady Studios, has finally announced the release date for the game on the PC. While console players around the world will get their hands on the game this week, PC players will have to wait until November 18th, a full month after the other platforms.

No reason was given for the month long delay, although Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill has previously said that the studio wanted to give PC players the best version possible, and implied that the extra time was being used to polish the game to a mirror finish. “We got a lot of credit on the first one, about how well it played on the PC, and how well refined the controls were,” he explained last month. “It’s because part of our attitude is always to listen to those people. We want to make the best game we can for all SKUs.”

Warner has supplied some new screenshots, however, should you need something to tide yourself over – or torture yourself with, depending on your point of view – until November rolls around. As you can no doubt see, it’s mainly just Batman doing Batman-y things, but there’s a shot of the Joker thrown in for good measure too.

Source: PC Gamer

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