Wash Yourself With A 360 Controller


Feeling grimy after a sweaty Xbox Live session? Sud yourself up gamer style with this Mountain Dew-scented Xbox 360 controller soap.

Gaming can get intense. Especially online competitive gaming. Intense situations tend to make people sweat. You’re not gaming if you don’t leave your controllers covered in hand grime and find the backside of your favorite Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta t-shirt drenched with human perspiration. Not to worry, though, a quick pass through the laundry will get that shirt ready for the next XBL session. For your body, though? That’s where the Xbox 360 controller soap comes in.

Hand-crafted by Digitalsoaps, an Etsy user who specializes in making soap shaped like everyday electronics (cell phones, Wiimotes), the 360 controller soap looks almost too close to the real thing to use. “The Xbox soap weighs seven ounces and has raised buttons,” the product description reads. “This one comes with the added addition of colors, so it looks even more realistic than the others.”

Yes, this is actual soap, made with glycerin, coconut oil, various fancy oils, purified water, soy bean protein, and a whole bunch of other fancy chemicals. The best part, however? It’s “scented with Mountain Dew fragrance oil, a gamer’s best scent.”

Screw the soap, just sell me the Mountain Dew fragrance, please.

The soap costs $12 plus shipping costs. There are only six left in stock, so grab one now if you really want you’d better hop to it. And yes, showering after gaming is highly advised. Your girlfriend – no, scratch that – your mom will thank you.


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