Watch and Weep: DragonStrike‘s 1993 Video Tutorial

If you thought Jeremy Irons chewed up the scenery in the Dungeons & Dragons movie, just wait until you see the actors in this video.

Dungeons & Dragons is somewhat notorious for having terrible movies associated with the franchise, but folks don’t realize just how far back that legacy extends. Many people know of the so-bad-it’s-good movie from 2000 and its even more terrible sequel. As it turns out, TSR released this gem on VHS along with the board game DragonStrike and it’s so cheesy that it could probably feed a family for quite some time.

The video was designed to serve as an intro and tutorial to the game, which was based on a simplified version of D&D. It features some horrid dialogue, ridiculous costumes, cringe-worthy acting, and some hysterical 1990s CGI and animated backgrounds.

On top of all this, Wikipedia states that the video isn’t even an accurate reflection of the game itself: “The method by which the players in the video play the game bears only a moderate resemblance to the actual game as described in the official rulebook.”

The movie is just over a half hour long, which means that it’s the perfect way to start your next Bad Movie Night. You can try to watch it all the way through on your own, but, honestly, it kind of hurts if you try to do so (due to all the times you smack your forehead).

Source: io9

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