Two matches between Blizzard developers show off the new MOBA’s map diversity.

What better way to showcase a new game than to have a bunch of developers sit down and play through two full rounds of said game? Well, that’s exactly what Blizzard have done with its upcoming MOBA/ARTS/DoTA Clone: Heroes of the Storm. In the 60 minute video to the right, two teams of Blizzard developers play two rounds of the game, first on the “Blackheart’s Bay” map, and then on the “Haunted Mines” map.

In Blackheart’s Bay, as well as the main objective of destroying the enemy base, players have a secondary objective to gather coins from various places in the map. If any team gets enough coins, they can take them to the ghost pirate: Blackheart, who will summon his ghost ship to rain fire down on the enemy team.

In the Haunted Mines map, a little bit into the game, a couple of mine entrances will open up. Players can then go into the mines and try and collect materials to build themselves a “Grave Golem”: a massive siege minion that will try and tear through the enemy’s defenses. Blizzard says that this map in particular is the most far removed from the traditional MOBA formula, describing it like a “competitive dungeon”.

Both teams chose a nice variety of heroes, which seemed to fall into the same archetypes we’ve seen in these kinds of games before (ranged carry, warrior, support). It’s pretty interesting to see all of these characters from your favorite Blizzard universes interact with each other.

If you’re looking to see exactly how Blizzard’s challenge to League of Legends and DoTA 2 will play, it’s definitely worth watching.

Source: Blizzard

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