Watch Dogs Director: The Game’s Main Story is 35-40 Hours Long


Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin says that the game has close to 100 hours of content.

A game’s play-time is a pretty big deciding factor for many gamers, because slapping down $60 for a game that only lasts around four hours is not a good feeling (I’m looking at you, Halo: ODST). Thankfully, Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin has assured fans over Twitter that his game will be more than satisfactory, explaining that the game’s main story will last “an average player” around 35-40 hours.

He added that full completion would probably take close 100 hours, “And these don’t really consider online stuff in the mix…” He did admit that these estimates assumed that most players would free roam a bit, so those who simply try to blast through the main story quest will probably find themselves at the end a bit quicker.

Either way, this is good news, as that’s more than a healthy figure for the game’s play-time, especially considering open-world sandboxes generally have additional ways for gamers to “make their own fun.” For example, I sometimes play Grand Theft Auto pretending to be a law-abiding bus driver, picking up people and dropping them off, all while obeying the rules of the road.

Morin previously revealed that the game would feature a 8-player free-roaming multiplayer mode, which should also serve to mix things up a bit for those who get bored of playing solo.

Watch Dogs releases on May 27, for pretty much every console (except the Wii U version, which has been delayed).

Source: Twitter via Gamespot

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