Looks like Ubisoft’s E3 reveal trailer sneaked out of the barn a little early.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is getting an E3 reveal today, but here’s a little cinematic in advance of that presentation, courtesy of a certain Aiden Pearce. You’ll never believe taking down human traffickers could be quite that simple, but it pays to be a hacking genius with a flair for the dramatic. This isn’t quite the gray area Lead Story Designer Kevin Shortt recently talked about, but it’s pretty sweet to look at nonetheless.

Watch Dogs has you, as information warrior Aiden Pearce, trying to clean out the Augean stables of futuristic Chicago, turning the Central Operating System (CtOS) supercomputer against the corrupt elite who run the city. Whether or not the outside world sees you as a psycho or a saviour will depend, to a great extent, on how you choose to go about your hacking, as each step you take will add – or detract – from your Reputation.

This one’s due for current generation consoles in November 2013; its next gen release date hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but presumably will happen at about the same time the consoles themselves come on the market.

Source: Aiden Pearce Vimeo

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