Eleven minutes and a bit, with plenty of action.

Watch Dogs recently had some fun at the Tokyo Games Show, and as part of the presentation 11 minutes and a bit of in-game footage leaked forth. Creeping about, shooting, and more creeping about, as Aiden tries to make sure a dead guy stays dead. Clever scouting, using the security cameras, will keep you from getting caught. But all the stealth in the world doesn’t prevent the occasional firefight, as this video demonstrates.

Watch Dogs has you as Aiden Pearce, hacker turned vigilante in a futuristic Chicago. You won’t be as robust as the average shooter protagonist, so don’t expect to walk into a gunfight shooting from the hip and come out alive; manipulating the computer system ctOS, and perhaps helping out a civilian or two to boost your reputation, will prevent the worst befalling you. If you’re after a multiplayer challenge, Watch Dogs will have you tracing and eliminating fellow players in-game like a seasoned pro, but if that’s not the kind of thing you enjoy, you can turn it off whenever you like.

Watch Dogs is set for a November 2013 launch on current generation consoles and the Wii U. Xbox One and PS4 versions will follow after the next generation launch.

Source: PC Gamer

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