Watch Dogs Season Pass Includes Story Campaign, Cyborg Conspiracy

Watch Dogs has a healthy set of DLC planned, and the season pass will take you to some surprising places.

Watch Dogs, like just about any AAA release these days, is slated to receive a set of post-launch DLC to top off the experience. What kind of DLC, you ask? All kinds, if the content in the newly detailed Season Pass is anything to go by. The pass nets you new missions, outfits, weapons, the works – and some of it goes in some very unexpected directions. Unless you expected Watch Dogs to have a Blade Runner-esque cyborg conspiracy.

The biggest collection of content is an additional single-player campaign in which you play as T-Bone, rogue hacker and friend to the main game’s protagonist Aiden Pearce. Where Pearce is stealthy and subtle, however, T-Bone… isn’t. “I blow shit up!” he declares in his introduction. “Because I ain’t no hippie!” That campaign is gonna be fun.

Speaking of the game not taking itself so seriously, the season pass also includes a new Digital Trip. These Trips are strictly non-canon experiences triggered by hallucinogenic electrodrugs (best not to ask), and ditch the bleakness of the main storyline in favor of Blood Dragon-style over the top shenanigans. Season pass holders will gain access to Conspiracy!, a trip that opens Aiden’s eyes to the terrible truth that Chicago is full of cyborgs masquerading as humans, and they all want to kill him.

Buying the season pass will let you download each piece of DLC one week before they launch for everybody else, and for a cheaper price than buying them one by one. It’ll cost you $20, and is available for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 – but apparently not the Wii U version, which will be launching late and may not get any DLC.

Source: Ubisoft

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