Learn to tag, juggle and team up on opponents in this handy Street Fighter X Tekken tutorial video.

If you’re freaked out by fighting game terminology but absolutely must have Street Fighter X Tekken, you could do worse than to watch this new gameplay trailer explaining the ins and outs of the new crossover. The video also gives us a few new characters from the game’s roster: Ibuki and Hugo join the SF camp, with Raven repping Team Tekken. It also features a grizzly bear farting on Guile’s face.

Most of us probably don’t know what using a cross gauge to initiate a switch cancel even means, so the handy visual guides shown here should help scrubs understand the basics of SFxTK‘s two-man tag team system. From the looks of it, cooperation is important to pounding opponents into the floor here, even more so than Marvel vs. Capcom 3‘s 3v3 matches. Team combos involve using each fighter’s specific abilities together for lengthy, crippling combos. In theory, each duo should have its own unique co-op special, which could get out of control when mixing ranged and melee specialists.

Street Fighter X Tekken comes out for Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita in 2012.

Source: CVG

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