Because we don’t have the technology to make lightsabers (yet), Man at Arms: Reforged created this lightsaber/katana instead.

Whether you grew up watching the original trilogy or the new trilogy, you probably left the theater after seeing Star Wars wanting your own lightsaber. And who could blame you? Star Wars made lightsaber fights look awesome, and there was only so much you could do with a cardboard tube and your own DIY sound effects. Sure, now you can buy plastic lightsaber toys or realistic prop replicas (which rather defeat the point since you can’t play with them), but it’s just not the real thing.

Of course this lightsaber/katana made by Man at Arms: Reforged also isn’t the real thing — and it’s sharp, so you still shouldn’t play with it — but it does bring classic Star Wars looks to an old-school blade. And like all Man at Arms videos, you get to watch the construction process along the way. Just be sure to watch through to the end for a Darth Vader cameo.

Source: Man at Arms

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