Watch Mass Effect 2 Played Through in 5 Minutes


Do you want to see BioWare staff play through Mass Effect 2 via a live stream and then answer questions about the upcoming sci-fi RPG? Well, you’ve got five minutes to go grab a snack and a drink.

No time to do a real proper news post for this one – are you kidding me? Those things take a while! – because we’re coming down to the wire here. In just under f minutes, at 3PM EST (12PM PST), two BioWare staff members, Jesse Houston and Christina Norman, will be playing through the highly anticipated sci-fi epic Mass Effect 2. And it will be streamed via Xfire, so you can watch the whole thing live.

After the gameplay walkthrough (no word on how long it’s planned on lasting), there will be a Q&A about the game with – according to Xfire – the game’s producer, Casey Hudson. On the other hand, the official BioWare Twitter account doesn’t mention Mr. Hudson’s name anywhere, so who knows if the man will actually be showing up? Not us!

Anyway, why are you still reading this? Go to Xfire and watch the stream already!

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