Watch Skyrim Mashed Up with Bastion‘s Narrator


The unreliable narrator from Bastion does a pretty damn good job explaining the opening of Skyrim.

The breakout RPG from last year didn’t have a Zelda in the title or come from powerhouses like BioWare or Betehsda. No, the distinction goes to the XBLA and PC game Bastion for its stylistic presentation, great music and, of course, the excellent characterization of the narrator. YouTube user Egger3rd took the last two qualities and had the brilliant idea of throwing it in with the visuals of the opening of Skyrim. The result is an oddly cohesive and entertaining little vignette.

I especially like the transition from “the Kid” to the adult version put up for execution by the Empire. Egger3rd did an great job pulling quotes from Rucks as played by Logan Cunningham that I almost forgot that these were two different games.

The captions could use some help with translation though. At 4:04 the captain is referred to as “cat pen,” which is pretty hilarious. But even better is the description of the far off dragon cries: “Sexy whale noises”? Oh really?

I’ll never look at those dragons the same way again.

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