Watch the First Teaser for the New Star Trek Series Right Here


A brief teaser from CBS shows off the new Star Trek logo, and teases the new series coming in 2017.

Last night, CBS showed off the first teaser for its upcoming Star Trek series to advertisers. While it’s exciting to hear the familiar score and see the new logo, the trailer basically reveals nothing beyond that.

It consists of a flyby of several planets beginning with Earth, and ends with the reveal of the new logo. There’s also the text promise of “New crews, new villains, new heroes, and new worlds.” “New crews” likely means that this new series won’t turn out to be any of the spinoffs that have been bandied about. There’s no mention of a new ship, so hopefully we’ll get another version of the Enteprise at some point in its long history.

The new series will be written by Nicholas Meyer, who also wrote and directed Wrath of Khan, so there’s definitely hope that it could be good. However, CBS is planning to show all the episodes (except the pilot) only on their streaming service, so fans will be forced to watch online.

I’m still cautiously optimistic about this, but it could be that I just really want a new Star Trek series to watch.

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