One player’s nigh impossible feat starts with him jumping out of a plane with a bazooka.

Planes are a tricky target. Because they fly so fast, it’s really hard to take them out without an anti-aircraft gun with some targeting software or – preferably – another plane and a heat-seeking missile or three. But in Battlefield 3, YouTube user Stungravy figured out how to pull of one of the most intense feats of vehicle slaughter ever recorded. I don’t want to spoil the fun by describing the whole video, all I can say is the A-Team theme fits perfectly.

Argh, I can’t resist. Seriously? Jumping out of a plane, equipped with a bazooka, firing one extremely well-placed missile that triggers an explosion taking out the opposing bogey? Then he gets back in his plane and collects his ribbons? Really? That’s just crazy talk.

And completely mesmerizing to watch. I’ve watched this video four times now and I will probably view it again this weekend. Kudos, Stungravy. You are a king amongst men.

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