Granted, it’s in Japanese, but if you’re allergic to the language, you probably wouldn’t be interested in this game anyway.

This morning Atlus unveiled the Japanese intro cinematic for Persona: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena. You may recall this as the game that we’ve been collectively salivating over ever since the first snippets of info floated across the Pacific Rim.

Alternately, you may recall it as that fighting game created by the people behind Guilty Gear and starring characters from Atlus’ brilliant, beloved Persona series.

Alternately alternately, you might have missed out on it completely and are suddenly baffled by the intro embedded at top-right. If so, rest assured, it is super awesome. Not only because it offers an appropriately stylish look at the fighter’s cast, but also because Teddie is rocking a dapper M. Bison-style dictator outfit. Man, I love that goofy stuffed bear so much.

Sadly, this is the part of the post where I have to yet again remind people that we have no idea if this game will ever appear on American shores. I want to think that my willingness to pimp every bit of ephemeral pre-release news might drive Atlus to localize the game here, but I’m just a guy with a fancy laptop and a captive international audience numbering in the millions. There’s only so much I can do.

Source: Siliconera

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