Watch the Launch Trailer for The Walking Dead: Michonne


Side story for comic series starts tomorrow.

Telltale Games is set to launch, In Too Deep, the first episode of three-part miniseries The Walking Dead: Michonne, and a new trailer has been released to whet your appetite.

Featuring one of the most popular characters from the Robert Kirkman comic series, The Walking Dead: Michonne will fill in a missing period for the character when she departed the main group of survivors between issues #126 and #135.

According to a press release, In Too Deep will find Michonne joining a crew of sailors seeking survivors and supplies who instead discover a violent massacre and a new community that may be harboring the perpetrator.

In Too Deep will launch for $14.99 on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One tomorrow (iOS and Android versions are expected on February 25) and will include both subsequent chapters, Give No Shelter and What We Deserve, arriving in March and April, respectively.

Source: YouTube

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