Watch The Muppets Skewer Fox News


Following Fox News’s attack on their “dangerous agenda,” the Muppets have pointed out how ridiculous the network’s claims are.

When The Muppets first came out back in November, just about everyone loved it. The big exception was Fox News, who accused the film of promoting “liberal Hollywood’s” bias against Corporate America and “brainwashing our children.” For a few days, the Web was alight with comments about how ridiculous these claims were, but they were quickly forgotten and The Muppets went on to gross over $100 million worldwide. Now, though, the issue’s been revisited and the Muppets themselves have verbally beaten the snot out of the network for its comments.

Following the UK premiere of The Muppets, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy gave a press conference where the issue with Fox News was brought up. The two characters immediately started to laugh about the accusations. Kermit took the lead, stating “[Fox News reporters] were concerned about us having some prejudice against oil companies and that I can tell you is categorically not true. And besides if we had a problem with oil companies why would we drive in around the whole film in a gas-guzzling Rolls-Royce?”

Miss Piggy, however, really cinched the deal by following up her amphibian paramour’s statement with the comment, “That’s almost as laughable as accusing Fox News, you know, of being news.”

Fox News has yet to respond to these barbs.

Source: Dangerous Minds

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