Watch the Skyrim Theme in Christmas Light Form


Timing your house’s light display to popular music is one thing, dancing lights and “Dovahkiin!” is another.

I suppose you could consider decorating your house with Christmas lights, then writing a light show timed specifically to music is a kind of a meatspace meme. There’s something neat about finding a house near you with such a display and tuning your car radio to a private transmitter so you can listen to the music. Of course, putting videos of said displays on YouTube makes it a full-blown internet meme and they have been around a while. The first timed display I saw was set to a Transiberian Orchestra song (no, not that one) called “Wizard in Winter” but people quickly ditched the Christmas theme and went with any piece of music for any holiday from Soulja Boy to Michael Jackson. Well, if you’re gonna have the King of Pop, you might as well go with the Dragonborn.

A stay-at-home full-time college student who posts at YouTube under the AwesomeHouseLights handle has synced up his parents’ Christmas lights to one of the greatest videogame music themes of the year – “Sons of Skyrim” composed by Jeremy Soule.

As AwesomeHouseLights mentions, the sync is better if you watch the video at 720p than on the standard version. But other than that, this whole light display is pretty awesome. The slow build to the male chorus singing “Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin!” just gets my heart pumping. Man, I want to go play Skyrim right now.

I showed the video to Nasrin though, and her response was: “That’s bullcrap. No dragons? What kind of Christmas is this?” Kind of hard to argue with that sentiment. Once she pointed it out, I kept imagining how awesome a dragon made of lights would have been.

Take note, AwesomeHouseLights dude. We expect dragons in our Skyrim Christmas light displays from now on. Make it so.

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