The Escapist Community has spoken – hark, the herald gamers sing!

A couple of weeks ago, The Escapist content team was sitting around the conference table trying to narrow down the twelve most fitting games for an end-of-the-year round up. These games wouldn’t just be the best or most-played of 2011, but the games we thought would be great to give as gifts to nearly anyone on your list. As is always the case when trying to narrow games down to a concise list, it was hard to come to a consensus. I’m not going to say the discussion came to blows – Steve Butts may or may not have a nasty left hook – but the heated arguments were decidedly un-holiday-like. So we decided to open the list-making up to you, our amazing community, to pick the most deserving games of 2011.

We set up a poll with 50 of the best games of the year. You guys had a week to pick just one game you felt was the best of the year, and add a short comment as to why you thought that title deserved your selection. Our codemonkeys and poll-tabulators – actually just a trained chinchilla named Calliope – took all the data and popped out our list of 12 Games of Christmas.

Be sure to check back every day until December 25th to see whether your pick made the cut. You’ll get a badge for checking out every game the day it publishes, plus an extra-special gift badge for reading each page on whole list of The Escapist‘s 12 Games of Christmas.

Happy Holidays! Hope you have time to play all the games on this list!

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