The Week in Review: It Rises for Soup! This week; Red Planets, Reptiles, Satellites, Servers and the Despicable Kane & Lynch

Turtles Fetch Sixty Mil


That’s right, the Teenage Mutant Ninja – or Hero if you’re British – Turtles have been sold for a cool sixty million dollars. Nickelodeon bought the heroes in a half shell from the Mirage Group with the aim of making a new CGI TV show and movie scheduled for 2012. I never imagined the End of Days would be heralded by mutated reptile assassins. (link)

The Most Epic Game of Make-Believe Ever


Hey there! How’d you like to go to Mars? Well, sadly, that isn’t possible, so instead, how would you like to pretend to go to Mars? The ESA is looking for healthy men and women who inexplicably have a year and a half that they don’t need to engage in a simulated trip Mars. The trip also includes a relatively brief 30 day stop on a mock up of the red planet, which I’m sure will make the remaining 490 days totally worth it. (link)

Bruce Willis to Appear in Kane & Lynch Movie


The only thing more startling than how bad videogame movies are is their ability to con actual actors that you’re heard of into appearing in them; Ben Kingsley has an Oscar for Samus’s sake! The latest soul to be snared is Die Hard legend Bruce Willis, who will star in the upcoming Kane & Lynch movie, based on a game so mediocre it ends careers. It must come with a very big check attached, that’s all I’m saying. (link)

No Mods and No Servers Makes Cod Mewtwo a Dull Game


The release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is only weeks away and the PC enthusiasts amongst you are no doubt looking forward to hosting your own servers and maybe grabbing some mods when they arrive. Well tough, because Infinity Ward don’t want you to do that, instead favoring a new system that mimics that of its console brethren. If I’m honest, the new system doesn’t sound that bad, but it’s not the one that many PC gamers are going to want. (double link!)

Creatures From the Moon!


Well, from a moon anyway! Scientists have discovered that Jupiter’s fourth largest moon, Europa, has a lot more oxygen than previously thought, perhaps enough to support life; freakish, monstrous life that will consume us and devastate our planet! Well, either that or single-celled organisms, which would be less impressive, but a lot more realistic. The only problem is the thick layer of ice that separates the oceans from the oxygen rich atmosphere. (link)

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