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Weekend Watch: Catch up on Summer Premieres like Extant Online


Check out premieres of Extant, Under the Dome, or Ray Donovan this week or head out to the theater to see The Purge: Anarchy.

Looking for something to watch but tired of endlessly cycling through your Netflix queue? We’ve got you covered wit the latest online and in theaters this week — so let’s get watching, shall we?

In Theaters Now
MovieBob enjoyed The Purge: Anarchy, which surpasses the original film and manages to turn in a solid action flick — the perfect kind of summer time-waster to enjoy before Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy soon. But if you aren’t into The Purge‘s ultraviolent premise, you can still catch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes — or watch some classic Planet of the Apes online for some retro fun.

If you’re looking for something with more comedy leanings, you might be looking for Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel. It’s an R-rated comedy that is — surprise! — about the couple’s missing sex tape. But as far as R-rated comedies go, it’s no 22 Jump Street — right now, the Rotten Tomatoes rating is a fairly dismal 20%. Still with the rest of this week’s new releases looking even less exciting, perhaps there’s something to enjoy in Sex Tape.

If you’d rather stay home, maybe you’d be interested in checking out Video Games: The Movie, a new documentary about video games that’s a fun jaunt through gaming’s past. Video Games isn’t playing in many theaters, but you can buy it to stream or download at home.

On TV this week
If you haven’t been keeping up with your summer premieres, you can still catch the premieres of Extant, Under the Dome, and the first episode of Ray Donovan season 2 for free on their website.

The latest chapter in the saga of Jack Bauer, aka 24: Live Another Day wrapped up this week, and if you feel like spending your weekend enjoying the action-packed real-time epic without the cliffhangers, the entire season is available to stream for Hulu Plus subscribers.

If you’re looking for more comedy, perhaps the recent 3d Futurama footage has been enough to inspire you to rewatch to decide whether it’s better in 3d or 2d. If so, Hulu recently got the rights to stream every episode of South Park (there’s 244 of them if you’re keeping count). You can watch all things South Park on Hulu from now until the season 18 premiere in September — at which point you’ll be able to watch new episodes and a more limited selection of old ones.

That’s it for this week, but tell us — what are you watching this weekend?

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