Are videogames art? Your opinion is needed.

This morning we cracked open the Escapist mailbag to a polite missive from Public Insight Journalism intern Gabriel Garbowit. He writes:

Hello Escapist!
I am Gabriel Garbowit, an intern at Public Insight Journalism which is apart of American Public Media. We noticed that the Smithsonian is doing an exhibit on the art of video games and we intend to make that into a story. We also have created a survey for anyone who has the time to fill out about their opinion on video games as art. Since we would like to hear the opinions of avid intelligent gamers, we thought your site would be a good way to get the message out.

Truth be told, we get emails like this all the time, but Mr. Garbowit’s message is different for one key reason: he name-dropped American Public Media. That would be the same group that produces A Prairie Home Companion.

And who are we to say no to anyone even tangentially affiliated with Garrison Keillor?

Thus, I bid you all click through to Public Insight Journalism’s short survey. We know you people have opinions, some of which are even valid, so now here’s your chance to thrust your mindshare into the ethereal public consciousness via the highbrow efforts of Mr. Garbowit and his colleagues.

Y’know, while we’re here, we may as well use the below comments section for something, right? I know I asked you to contribute your thoughts to the above survey, but if any of you have anything else to say on the topic of games as art, please, do so in the comments.

Do you think games are art due to their being a form of self-expression via the use of symbology and novel communication methods within a medium constructed to express thought? Or do you refute this idea simply because Marcel Duchamp never stunned the Parisian bourgeoisie with a Super Nintendo?

The comments section is below. Do your thing.

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