An odd viral video has hit the net that includes a tease for the “PS4.”

Is Sony going to announce the PlayStation 4 soon? I’m going with no, considering how the company has stated that the PlayStation 3’s life isn’t even half over yet, but a very strange viral video has emerged that alludes to something called “PS4 V3.1.”

The video opens in a mysterious facility in Tokyo. Japanese actors appear to be very disturbed about something. One is holding files and a walkie-talkie. One is very polite and doesn’t forget to knock before entering a room. Another is wearing a lab coat and appears to be very confused.

The video takes viewers into an area where an experiment is being performed. Monitors and television sets display the Sony PlayStation logo. A man is laying on the floor motionless wearing some sort of glasses and tightly gripping what looks like a PlayStation 3 controller. He has an awfully high-pitched and creepy laugh. It ends with a screen that says “PS4 V3.1 – Please Wait A Moment.”

Because this simply can’t mean that Sony is announcing the PlayStation 4, we’ll have to take the glasses on the crazy man as an obvious reference to Sony’s future implementation of 3D in PlayStation 3 games, which will require the use of 3D glasses. As for what PS4 V3.1 means, it’s probably a way for Sony to say that 3D will in-effect create such a new experience that it could be considered the PlayStation 4. Ideally, it won’t turn us into laughing vegetables.

UPDATE: It turns out this clip was made for a school project, as discovered by Kotaku. It was interesting anyway!

Via: Kotaku

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