Welcome, Sonic! Pet Hedgehogs No Longer Illegal in Lawrence, KS


It is no longer illegal to own a pet hedgehog in Lawrence, Kansas, thanks to the three-year-long lobbying effort of an 11-year-old boy.

Judson King, now in the sixth grade, really, really wanted a pet hedgehog. Unfortunately, the laws in his home city of Lawrence, KS prohibited him from owning one – something that his mother hoped would quash the dream in its tracks. Her hopes were fruitless: rather than give up his quest for a hedgehog of his very own, King began researching hedgehogs and the law in question, and presented his case to city commissioners last January.

In the end, King fought the law, and the law didn’t win – and King now has his very own, two-and-a-half-month-old baby hedgehog that he has named Little Luke.

Judson King’s next goal: to persuade Sega into making a Sonic the Hedgehog game that doesn’t suck.

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