Here is the answer to what the Tsukumo are in Wild Hearts, which will be very helpful over your long monster-hunting journey.

As with most games, Wild Hearts, Omega Force and EA’s answer to Monster Hunter, offers trophies for certain accomplishments. Some are easy to attain, while others are a little harder. One of those trophies is “Tsukumo Whisperer,” which might leave you wondering — just what are Tsukumo in Wild Hearts? Here is the answer.

Tsukumo Are Wild Hearts’ Helpful Little Computer-Controlled Companions That Double as Collectibles

Wild Hearts lets you team up with other players to take on the monsters. But even if you choose not to do that, you might benefit from a little assistance. That’s where the Tsukumo come in. They’re celestial beings that, discovered throughout Wild Hearts’ fantasy feudal Japan, act as AI-controlled companions, helping you against the monsters.

There are at least 200 to befriend, which sounds fantastic — just imagine being able to attack monsters with a Pikmin-like force of Tsukumo. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Collecting 200 will net you that Tsukumo Whisperer achievement, but you can only ever have one accompanying you.

You can, however, upgrade them to make them more effective assistants. So you can have a formidable companion, but steamrolling enemies is right out. Think of them as Lydia from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, only without setting off every trap within a 60-mile radius.

So, the Tsukumo in Wild Hearts are collectible AI-controlled companions.

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