Lost Ark Artist Class Promo Image

For everyone playing or looking at getting back into Lost Ark, Tripod Studio just dropped a big spring update. A part of that update was a brand new class. It’s always exciting to get to see and try out a new class in MMOs, so no doubt there will be a lot of excitement as people hop in to level up the new class. It’s a great time to get involved; there will be plenty of people doing lower level content and likely some nice event rewards as you play through as well. Let’s take a look at the new advanced class in Lost Ark, the Artist, and what they’re all about!

What is the New Artist Advanced Class in Lost Ark?

The new advanced class is called the Artist and it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before in Lost Ark. The Artist uses their giant magical brush and flowing ink to create flashy attacks or to paint and summon magical holy beasts. The Artist is the defender of her homeland Rimeria and is the first character to be playable from the Yoz race. The Artist is known as a visionary strategist and quite fittingly will be a new addition to the support subclass. 

The Artist has very modern and unique toolkits that revolve around her being able to enhance the combat abilities of those in her party. She’s even able to draw out magical marbles that restore health to her allies. The Artist uses a mechanic called the Harmony Meter, which builds up with each successful basic attack and skill hit, and some skills fill this meter even faster. Maxing out the Harmony Meter will create a Harmony Orb that can be used when the Artist wants to. She can store up to three Harmony Orbs at any one time.

The Artist has a Yin and Yang skill on either side of her Harmony Meter. On the left is her Z key Moonfall, which increases the damage output of her and her party by 10% for 10 seconds and consumes two of her stored Harmony Orbs to use. On the other side is a Yang skill on the X key called Sunrise. Sunrise consumes one Harmony Orb to create a Sun Marble at a targeted location. The Sun Marble lasts up to a minute and recovers 25% of the max HP points of anyone in the party who interacts with it with the G key.

The Artist has some amazing abilities and is a ton of fun to play. It will take some time to figure out where she sits in the tier list as a class, but with her utility I’m sure the Artist will become a popular class to play in Lost Ark!

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