Movie Trailers to Expect at Super Bowl 51 Social

Disney, Universal, and Paramount are among the studios looking to drop new trailers at the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is known for two things: (1) being the championship game of the NFL season and (2) delivering a bunch of new and/or funny advertisements. There are people who watch just for the ads, which this year are selling for a reported $5 million for a 30-second spot. We’ve even dedicated entire articles to them. So, it makes sense for movie studios to promote their latest projects at an event that will be watched by over 100 million people.

This year, we know at least three studios have purchased time at the “Big Game.” Disney, Universal, and Paramount have all confirmed to Variety that they will run trailers during the game. As for the movies to look out for? Only Paramount named names. Both Ghost in the Shell and Transformers: The Last Knight are scheduled to be showcased during the event. The rest have been left up to us to figure out.

Let’s start with Disney. It has so many big-name movies coming out that naming them all could take up a whole paragraph. But I’m going to guess that the trailer we’ll see will be for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. We’ve only gotten a teaser up to this point, and this is the sort of tentpole franchise you need to show at an event like this. We haven’t even seen Jack Sparrow yet.

Moving on to Universal, the next two projects it has for release are Fifty Shades Darker and The Great Wall – but we’ve seen multiple trailers for both of these, and we’ve seen them for months. My guess? The Fate of the Furious. We got one so far, but the Super Bowl would be the place to debut a second one.

We’ll all find out this Sunday, February 5, when the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons at Super Bowl LI. What trailers are you hoping to see?

Source: Variety

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