Videogame heroes and anti-heroes tend to hog the spotlight, but they’d be nothing without those iconic opponents that provide opportunities for derring-do. Just as sunlight has no meaning without darkness, a hero is nothing without a villain. This week at The Escapist, we’re celebrating bad guys and all their evil schemes. Secret lairs, plans for world domination, legions of minions, and an unnatural fondness for spikes: Oh, villains, how we love you.

This quiz is designed to let you embrace your inner badness – and we know you have some – by revealing the villain that you’re most like. Don’t like the results? Take it again and change your answers! That’s what a villain would do, right?

Don’t forget to let us know which character you got, preferably by announcing it with an evil cackle.

Ready? Mwaaaa ha ha haaaaaa…..

(Take the Quiz.)

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