What Would Disney World Look Like After The Apocalypse? [Gallery]


In “Life After Disney”, one artist recreated Walt Disney World with a distinct, post-apocalyptic light.

Time and time again humans prove to be obsessed about the post apocalypse, whether we’re gushing over Mad Max: Fury Road, designing fashionable end-times cosplay, or writing up with detailed zombie plans. But sometimes the most sobering thing is simply to imagine what our world would look like once everyone’s gone. Inspired by the History Channel series Life After People, deviantart’s Michael “eledoremassis02” Feeney applied that show’s logic to “the happiest place on Earth” – Walt Disney World.

It’s not clear whether Feeney had a specific end time scenario in mind, or if humans were just raptured up and left Disney World behind. Either way the results are the same – without humans maintaining it, even one of the most popular theme parks slowly collapses. Main Street USA is quickly covered with trash and graffitti. Tomorrowland speedway is filled with abandoned cars. Somehow Epcot’s Spaceship Earth caught on fire one evening, leaving behind smoldering ruins the next day. All the while, vegetation is returning to the landscape while metal structures rust themselves into disrepair.

The strange thing is, if people were still alive I suspect they’d still visit this version of Disney World – if only to wear abandoned Disney costumes and recreate Zombieland. Although speaking personally, I’d probably pass – even if I could get past the general creepiness, the second someone switches on “It’s A Small World After All” might be the most unsettling experience of all time.

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Source: Huffington Post, via Daily Mail

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