What You Need To Do To Unlock The Good (And Bad) Ending In Get Even

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To unlock the “True” ending in Get Even, there’s a few extra steps you’ll need to take. See how to watch both endings here — what it takes, and who you’ll need to listen to.

You can’t have a proper psychological story without alternate endings that change depending on your playstyle. As you progress in Get Even, you’ll be able to unlock an arsenal of weapons, including the powerful CornerGun. You can also use stealth, and the game changes on subsequent playthroughs, altering how you’ll have to tackle the challenges in each chapter.

But, it all comes down to the ending. We’re staying relatively spoiler free here. We won’t go into plot details or explain exactly what’s happening (unless you want to watch the video) — just scroll down to see what you’ll need to do at the start of the story, before you’re punished with a poor ending.

Ending Guide | How To Get Both Endings

There are four variations on the ending — all depending on how you play, and which choice you make at the very end of the game.

  • True “Good” Ending: The true ending is only unlocked if you listen to Red and only use stealth to complete the game. Don’t kill or use violence.
  • Bad Ending: If you don’t listen to Red, and choose to kill throughout the campaign (causing distortions) you’ll earn the bad ending.

There are two variations on both endings — you can choose to destroy the headset or not. Destroying the headset changes the dialogue over the credits.

More on Get Even‘s gameplay…

You play as two unique characters in Get Even; Black, the starting protagonist, and Ramsey. Each has their own set of unique abilities, like Black’s aforementioned CornerGun, allowing you to shoot around corners and remain undetected. Things get even crazier when you take control of Ramsey, allowing you to scan the environment for enemies and zip around the environment, temporarily possessing opponents as you go.

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