Modder extraordinaire Ben Heck has created a new device for the Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit that lets wheelchair-bound gamers control the kick pedal with their breath.

Heck (full name Benjamin J. Heckendorn) said he built the device at the request of a gamer who is unable to control the Guitar Hero World Tour bass kick with his feet. The project requires some PVC pipe, a hose barb, a rubber glove, some small pieces of plastic, a hot glue gun and the piezoelectric sensor from inside the World Tour kick pedal. “Easy how-to instructions” on his site explain the construction process in illustrated, step-by-step detail and while it doesn’t strike me as being very easy at all it’s hard to argue with the results.

“Basically this turns the kick pedal into an air pressure diaphragm,” he wrote on his blog. “You can now ‘kick’ the bass drums by blowing into a tube.”

The project is exclusively for the Guitar Hero World Tour drum kit, as Rock Band uses a different and “somewhat simpler” mechanism for the drum pedal. “[The Rock Band pedal is] just a magnetic switch,” he wrote. “To build something like this for it, do an online search for “pressure switches”, wire one to the pedal, attach a tube and go for it!”

If only it was so simple for the rest of us, Ben.

via: Joystiq

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