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When Does Saw X Take Place?

Here's the answer to when Saw X takes place.

Saw X is latest in the Saw series, featuring the return of Tobin Bell as Jigsaw. After Spiral and Jigsaw didn’t spawn more spin-offs, it makes sense that studio Lionsgate has gone back to just Saw. So how does this  movie fit into the whole chronology? If you want to know just when does Saw X take place, I’ve got the answer. 

Here’s How Saw X Fits into the Franchise’s Timeline

The Saw movies are known for playing tricks with time, both in terms of their own internal timelines and the way they fit into the franchise as a whole. Saw IV and Saw V, for example, take place at the same time.

Saw X’s timeline isn’t nearly that complicated, however. Despite its title, it takes place before most of the other movies. It’s set between Saw and Saw II, with John Kramer/Jigsaw heading to Mexico for an experimental cancer cure.

Does that mean the whole movie takes place between those two films? Not necessarily. When you consider Saw III and Saw IV’s timeline trickery, it’s possible that there will also be flashbacks and flash forwards in this movie. 

But essentially, what you need to know about the Saw X is that it takes place between Saw and Saw II.

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