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When & What Time Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Releases

Image of the main protagonists for Dark Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince.

The upcoming Dragon Quest game will return the monster-collect-a-thon series back to the hands of players very soon. If you want to know when and at what time Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince releases, here’s what to know.

When & What Time Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Releases

As of this article’s writing, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince aims to release on December 1, 2023. Furthermore, the title is planned to only arrive on the Nintendo Switch. As far as the exact time when The Dark Prince releases, it’s unclear at this time, but we can assume midnight local time.

You can pre-order The Dark Prince from the official Nintendo eShop, either the base version for $59.99 or the Digital Deluxe Edition running for $85.99. The following lists the rewards you’ll receive for purchasing the Deluxe Edition:

  • The Mole Hole (Includes the “Gothic Vestment” outfit)
  • Coach Joe’s Dungeon Gym (Includes the “Cake-Maker’s Clobber” outfit)
  • Treasure Trunks (Includes the “Monstrous Mail” outfit)
  • Burgundy Gothic Vestment
  • Warrior’s Ring
  • Beastie Bites x10

All Pre-Order Bonuses for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince

If you’re set on buying the monster-collecting game, pre-ordering will net you some nifty bonuses to get you off on the right foot in The Dark Prince. The bonuses are exclusive to pre-orders made through the Nintendo eShop before December 1. Below are those rewards:

  • Smoked Sirloin x5
  • Meaty Treat x5
  • Stardust Earrings
  • Scholar’s Specs
  • Bonus Ball x3

Should You Play Other Dragon Quest Monsters Games Before The Dark Prince?

A great thing about the Dragon Quest Monsters franchise is that you can hop in anywhere and get some enjoyment out of assembling a monster crew and battling, regardless of past knowledge. However, some longtime players say it doesn’t hurt to pick up previous games to appreciate the story in The Dark Prince and understand its systems better.

“You might want to at least familiarize a little with DQIV,” advised one Redditor. “It is unquestionable that Dark Prince and DQIV are deeply connected, and as such being able to recognize any familiar events, the returning characters, and whatever other references … will probably help to better appreciate its story.”

Beyond that, anyone can hop in and get a general grasp of how The Dark Prince works. In fact, you could download the demo available on the Nintendo eShop to see if it’s your cup of tea before committing to buying it. The franchise has always been seen as a sharp spin-off from the mainline Dragon Quest games with an acquired taste, so try it before the release date.   

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