If you’ve noticed a few tiny, tiny posters in your neighbourhood, D-Con knows why they’re there.

If you happen to be in New York right about now you might have noticed a tiny poster or two, each with a heartfelt plea: where’s this missing mouse? Pest control company D-Con knows. It’s all part of a chuckle-worthy ad campaign, complete with a series of short YouTube videos. It’s all about as tame as it could possibly be, so fear not if you’re at work.

“Typically pest control advertising is seasonal,” says a spokesman for Havas Worldwide, the ad company behind the campaign, “But as the No. 1 selling mouse killer, we wanted to be top of mind before the problem starts.”

Indeed. There might be one or two rodents left in New York by the time the campaign’s run its course, but there’s something charming – in the Charles Addams sense – about D-Con’s latest.

Source: Gizmodo

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