Where to Find All 13 Missing Memories in Breath of the Wild

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Only after fully exploring the lands of Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can Link recover his “Captured Memories” — here we’ll show you how to complete this massive quest with all 12 locations.

Early in the story, after unlocking the Camera Rune, Impa will send Link on a quest to locate 12 missing memories. Using an album of photos for guidance, Link will need to track down all 12 locations to re-experience memories of his past.

Check out the gallery for map locations on all the memories, or browse through descriptions to find them for yourself.

Captured Memories Quest Guide | All 13 Locations

After starting the “Captured Memories” quest, you can check the [Albums] on the Map menu. Browse through the images for in-game hints. The exact locations are pin-pointed on the gallery maps.

  • Memory #1: Central – Found in the Sacred Ground Ruins, directly south of the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins.
  • Memory #2: Central – On the western shore of Lake Kolomo, near a pointed rock with a view of Kolomo Garrison Ruins.
  • Memory #3: Tabantha – South of Tabantha Tower, on the Ancient Columns hill, very close to the Tena Ko’sah Shrine.
  • Memory #4: Wasteland – At the Kara Kara Bazaar, near the oasis pond. The bazaar is located on the main road to Gerudo Town.
  • Memory #5: Eldin – On an unmarked peak west of the Qua Raym Shrine / Eldin Tower at Goronbi Lake. The peak is actually looking down at the Woodland Tower lake — in the image, the tower hasn’t yet been raised, so don’t let the clue fool you.
  • Memory #6: Ridgeland – On a grassy field with a pond, to the west of Hyrule Castle. Find the area north of the Royal Ancient Lab Ruins, right next to Irch Plain and Salari Hill.
  • Memory #7: Dueling Peaks – Look on the hill on the opposite shore from Scout’s Hill, near where the Hylia River meets Hylia Lake. The area is south of Proxim Bridge.[/b]
  • Memory #8: Central – Located inside Hyrule Castle, climb up to the tower where Zelda’s Room is located, on the western side of the castle. The location is on the bridge to Zelda’s Study.
  • Memory #9: Akkala – In the Spring Of Power, east of the East Akkala Stable, or just north of Ordorac Quarry.
  • Memory #10: Ridgeland – Found on the Sanidin Park Ruins, south of Nima Plain and north of Safula Hill. Follow the main path from the Outskirt Stable north and you can’t miss it.
  • Memory #11: Hateno – North or Hateno Village or east of Kakariko Village, you’ll find a network of ruins built into a canyon called Lanayru Promenade. Find the memory on Lanayru Road – East Gate.
  • Memory #12: Central – In the small forest area southwest from the Wetland Stable. Enter the trees just north of the Bottomless Swamp hills, on the Hylia River, to find this memory.

After finding all 12 memories, talk to Impa and she’ll give you a clue to the final memory’s location.

  • Memory #13: The final memory is located near Fort Hateno, on the Blatchery Plain. Search the Ash Swamp to find the last memory.

Completing this quest adds something new to the end of the game, so it’s absolutely worth doing. Each memory unlocks a cutscene that fills in a little of Link and Zelda’s backstory, too.

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