Where To Find All The Recovered Flotsam Collectibles In The Depths DLC For Little Nightmares

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Unlock artwork in the Extras menu and get a closer look at the horrors of The Depths with all the collectible bottle locations hidden throughout the first DLC for Little Nightmares.

Little Nightmares is already horrific, but few of the creatures in the vanilla game are as grotesque as the Grandma, a water-logged soul that resides in the Depths and snatches up naughty escaping children, dragging them under the dark water to live with her forever.

Instead of Nomes and Statues, The Depths features green bottles. No, you don’t smash them. The Kid, the new protagonist, pops open the cork and grabs the notes hidden inside. They’re a source of contact with the outside, and maybe the only source of hope in the bleak underwater confines of the Maw.

All 5 Collectible Bottle Locations

[i]There are 5 “Recovered Flotsam” collectibles in The Depths. To nab these, you’ll need to grab the green bottle. This initiate a short animation — the boy opens the bottle and removes a note.[/I]
  • Flotsam #1: The first (of five) flotsam collectibles in The Depths is located on the white sink, in the room where you’ll need to drag the metal crate to climb up to the window and use the escaped kid’s sheet rope to escape. Drag the metal cage to the sink first to climb up and pull the top off the bottle.
  • Flotsam #2: The second flotsam can be collected from the first real puzzle of the DLC. At the water pressure switch that allows you to set the water level by increments, raise the lever to 100%, then push it to about 25%. Dive into the water, and ride it – there’s a secondary passage into the trash-filled room you can reach beneath the main door. Slip inside and you’ll find the bottle prominently displayed in the back of the chamber.
  • Flotsam #3: During the first real sequence where you’ll encounter Grandma, you’ll spot the green bottle on a high platform just past the pair of ladders with a bridge connecting them. Swim to the floating barrels / boxes near the background to jump to this platform and collect the bottle.
  • Flotsam #4: After escaping the second major encounter with the Grandma, you’ll be able to climb a tall ladder of wooden boards out of the flooded section. While climbing up, you’ll reach a wooden platform. Hop onto it, and to the left there’s a balcony that looks impossible to reach. Use the tiny ledge on the background, behind the pipes, to reach this area with the fourth bottle.
  • Flotsam #5: The last collectible is located just after pushing the TV set into the water and defeating Grandma. In the room with the stairs, look on the lower-right wall and pull the two wooden boards down to find a hidden bottle. Pop it up to earn an achievement / trophy.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Not Alone: What’s new with you?

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