Wanted: Dead Hannah Stone sword combat

Wanted: Dead prides itself on its exciting action with plenty of slashing, blood, and fun. The player will have to navigate tough fights and hack their way through hordes of enemies, guns, and large mechs. But while for some players most of the fun is in the challenging combat, others may prefer to enjoy the game as a powerful katana-wielding detective with little opposition. So how do you choose which difficulty you should play in Wanted: Dead?

Wanted: Dead Offers Four Different Difficulties Which Gives Players an Option That Works Best for Their Needs

When choosing your difficulty in Wanted: Dead it’s important to understand what type of gaming experience you would like to tackle. As you take to the streets fighting off ninjas, gangsters, and even company men, you will want to decide if you are looking to effortlessly hack and slash your way through enemies as Lt. Hannah Stone, or if you want to face a major challenge in your experience.

The game’s four difficulties range from easy to tough-as-nails hard with the following explanations:

  • Neko-chan: This is the game’s equivalent of a more story mode approach, giving players an easy run through the story with little challenge. Developers Soleil will draw attention to your difficulty choice in game however, as Lt. Stone will be wearing cat ears for the duration of your playthrough.
  • Normal: Offering some challenges but with plenty of room to learn and grow in your skills, Soleil has stated that Normal is the way they intended the game to be played.
  • Hard: As the name suggests, the difficulty will be challenging, beefing up enemy HP and armor, as well as dishing out more damage to the player. Toss in the fact that you have fewer opportunities to regain health in battle, and this mode is for players looking to grind through the game with a tough challenge.
  • Japanese Hard: Poking fun at the tradition of Japanese games being incredibly challenging, this difficulty will drastically punish mistakes, and put the player through the wringer with a near-impossible challenge only for the most dedicated gamers.

Because the developers themselves recommend it, we also suggest that Normal mode is the best difficulty to at least start Wanted: Dead with. Even at Normal the combat is surprisingly challenging and many newcomers will be racking up death screens until they get a full grasp of their movement, attacks, and gear. Normal mode is no cake-walk, and offers an engaging, challenging, but fair play through.

For those who have mastered Normal mode, the Hard and Japanese Hard modes can be a fun way to revisit the game with a much tougher challenge, but those names are not lying, as they are both incredibly difficult.

And that’s our thoughts on which difficulty you should play in Wanted: Dead.

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