Glu Mobile rings in with “The Watchmen” mobile phone ‘game’.

When you’ve studied Catch 22, do you really want to log on to X-Box Live and keep shouting “Climb you bastard, climb, climb, climb!”? Probably not, but apparently Glu Mobile figures that when you’ve just read one of the top 100 novels of the 20th century, you think to yourself, “I’d really like to play that as an 8-bit Final Fight clone!”

This ‘game’ is not just missing the point of the entire film, but is actually dulling the point. A worse attempt at a tie-in couldn’t be made if you produced ‘Babe’ bacon sandwiches.

The sheer outright gall of reducing the Comedian’s journey through Vietnam into a side-scrolling beat-’em-up desecrates the entire idea of the story.

Having Doctor Manhattan as a smart bomb as well? I’ve just run out of bad things to say about it.

Rated ‘P’ for Pure Unadulterated Mindless Worthless Tie-In Trash.

Source: Rope Of Silicon

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