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Why You Should Do Main Quests First in Starfield


Bethesda games usually have very strong openings that set you up with the knowledge of what’s going on right from the get go, with titles like Skyrim and Fallout 3 setting up their world and stories in huge ways. However, Starfield doesn’t set nearly as much up in its opening and actually has quite a slow start, with lots of players claiming it takes hours for the game to really get good. This is a big part of why you’ll want to focus on the main quests first in Starfield before you go off to do your own thing, as the game’s key questline is important to understanding why anything is happening in the first place.

Why You Should Focus on Main Story Quests First in Starfield

The openings for most Bethesda games make it easy to understand what’s going on and where we’re at as a character in the title’s world. We can go and freely explore and complete whichever Starfield quests we like, and we won’t be missing out on anything by doing so. This is completely different in Starfield. You’ll actually want to focus on finishing the main story missions before you do any extra exploring or side content at all. You’ll want to complete the first few missions, specifically up until “Into the Unknown,” which is where Starfield starts to make more sense.

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Starfield important main quest

I won’t get in to any spoilers for it in this article, but you’ll have to trust me when I say that your character becomes a whole lot different, and it massively changes gameplay from that point onwards. The story finally takes off after a slow start, and you actually begin to learn things about the setting. Suddenly, you’re not just randomly flying around looking for artifacts but actually become wrapped up in mystery and intrigue. This can also lead to New Game+ in Starfield, which adds even more dimensions to the game, with many players online saying the best experience comes from beating the title and starting it back up again. If you want a more powerful and interesting character and an awesome story that makes you appreciate the game a whole lot more, don’t mess around at the start. Get those first few story missions done, and you’ll get the payoff and have a far better time with the game!

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