Data from research group and magazine publisher Enterbrain has confirmed that Nintendo’s Wii console has sold over 3 million units in Japan.

As of the week ending July 8, Nintendo had sold 2.9 million Wii consoles, but a new statement from Famitsu, published by Enterbrain, indicates the company had sold 3.01 million units as of July 15. Along with this, 18.1 million Nintendo DS handheld systems have been sold in Japan since its December 2004 release. It remains the best-selling game console in the country.

The most recent charts indicate weekly sales of 139,286 units for the Nintendo DS and 75,279 units for the Wii. Sony’s PSP sold 32,946 units in the same span, followed by the PlayStation 3 with 14,120 units sold and the Xbox 360 with 2,370. Enterbrain earlier reported that the PlayStation 3 console had broken the one million units sold mark yesterday.

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