Wii Fit, Guaranteed


Need a copy of Wii Fit but still can’t find one in stores? Here’s a nearly guaranteed method to get yourself a copy.

Here’s a laugh: remember how back in the day, before the Wii launched, everyone was saying you could just stroll into GameStop, say to the clerk “I’ll have ten or so of those Wiivolutions, old chap” and walk out the door with two armfuls of GameCube Lites to pass out to bums and old people just for the hell of it? Guess things didn’t really work out that way: the Wii is still short in supply, and that’s not just true for the system, it’s true for the games. Wii Fit, the balance board-based fitness game that’ll get you to Dhalsim-levels of yoga mastery in no time flat, is still almost as rare as a Tickle Me Elmo in ’96.

There is a nearly surefire way to get yourself a copy, though, according to What They Play podcast listener Keith Kolmos. “If you go over to Amazon you can sign up for a text alert when they have it in stock,” Kolmos said. “I did this recently. I got the text within a week and was able to buy it by simply texting back to Amazon (send back buyfit to the number that they text from) and bang, a week later I had my Wii Fit with free shipping for face value.”

So avoid paying more than you have to on eBay. Avoid running into jackasses in fat suits at GameStop. Avoid F5-mashing sessions waiting for Amazon to restock. Just sign up for a text alert, be a bit patient and make sure to to act fast when the alert shows up. Actually, on that note, it looks like the game is in stock on Amazon at this very moment, so maybe get it while it’s still there.

(And then sell it on eBay.)

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