Wii Shortages Expected In Europe Until 2007


Retailers in Europe have indicated that those without pre-orders of the Nintendo Wii are unlikely to get one before 2007.

DSG Group, the parent company of Curry’s and PC World in the UK, has indicated that they will not be able to fulfill all pre-orders before Christmas. “We’re expecting to fulfil all pre-orders on the day,” said Hamish Thompson of DSG. “We’re continuing to take pre-orders but informing consumers that they probably won’t be able to be fulfilled until after Christmas.”

Thompson expects that Wii units will be “rare as hens’ teeth” for most major retailers in the region on the lead-up to Christmas. “With the delay of the PlayStation 3 in Europe, Nintendo has got a clear run this season,” he added.

The Nintendo Wii launches across Europe tomorrow.


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