Yet another community has sprung up to try and compensate for Nintendo’s “mistakes.” WiiWasHere is a site that wants to help you to play Metroid Prime Hunters against 12-year-old strangers.

Traditional gamers have repeated their frustration with Nintendo’s friend code policy loudly, and often to just about anyone who will listen. Nintendo continues to ignore their pleas and maintains the system protects their true target market: the casual gamer, the young gamer and young gamers’ parents.

Fortunately, the gaming community has a number of talented and tech savvy individuals ready to fill the gap. The latest site to attempt this is WiiWasHere, a one-stop shop for all things Wii and DS related. This free site offers an online storage spot for all of your friend codes, a system for issuing regional online challenges, a system for ranking your fellow players and tools to build up your own friendly community.

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