In an AMA, Wild Hearts developers promised there will be free DLC and no microtransactions, and you can even pause in single-player.

With the release of Wild Hearts right around the corner, those waiting to start hunting monsters will be happy to hear that all post-launch DLC will be free and that the game won’t feature microtransactions – or, at least, that’s the plan.

The good news comes from a Reddit AMA with Executive Producer Lewis Harvey, wherein he revealed a chunk of new information about the game and what to expect from future updates. Included in his answers was the announcement that there would be plenty of post-launch support that will bring new monsters (known here as Kemono) for players to slay without spending any additional money on the game. With the promise of free updates, it’s fair to wonder if the team at Omega Force might consider monetizing the game another way, but Harvey states there are no plans for microtransactions in Wild Hearts.

That’s not all that was discussed during the AMA, though. A common question genre fans have been asking for a while now is whether the game would feature a full-blown single-player experience, and Harvey’s answer was a resounding yes – Wild Hearts will be fully playable offline for solo players. This means the game can be paused, too, for those moments when you just can’t hold it anymore.

Some other notable mentions include cross-play support (no cross-save though) for consoles and PC, confirmation of a total of eight weapons at launch, and customizable armor. Harvey also ensured everyone that you’ll be able to pet the in-game rabbits, which is probably the most important takeaway from the AMA, if we’re being honest.

Wild Hearts releases on February 16 (or 17, depending on region) for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. EA Play and Game Pass subscribers can try a 10-hour trial beginning February 13.

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