Will Arnett’s Lego Batman Gets His Own Movie



The Lego Movie was a surprise critical and box-office smash for Warner Bros, with a direct sequel and a Ninjago spin-off movie both in the works. Now, a third feature is in the works: A solo outing for Will Arnett’s brooding Lego-version of Batman.

The announcement coincided with the not-as-happy news that the official Lego Movie sequel had been delayed from it’s May 2017 release date. That film’s director, Chris McKay, will instead take over a fast-tracked production for Lego Batman, with Lego franchise-overseers Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller also onboard. Arnett will reportedly reprise his role as the Caped Crusader, which satirized the “grim and gritty” Batman seen in the recent live-action films.

It is not confirmed whether or not the film will be connected (or make reference) to the Lego Batman video game franchise, which already saw its animated cutscenes released as a direct-to-DVD movie in 2012.

Source: THR


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